What we do



Phoenix Media & Publications employs and work with the best journalists, writers, designers and photographers in Abu Dhabi. We publish Yalla – Abu Dhabi Life, a trusted luxury brand in the Abu Dhabi and the UAE market today. We have also been contracted to create and publish other magazines, brochures and other print materials from concept to delivery for our customers.

Publications are a sophisticated and trusted form of content marketing in their own right and provide brand personality and character that showcases the brand as experts in what they do.

Print media, in the form of magazines, brochures, leaflets and so on, differs in that it provides a private conversation between your brand and its intended audience.

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Content Creation

Content comes in many different forms and Phoenix Media & Publications has successfully applied all types of content marketing to build our very own brand. Therefore, we know what works and why it works.

We are expert content providers with decades of proven experience and we can help you exploit the undoubted power of this key element of your marketing strategy so you can interact with your customers and stakeholders

From websites to blogs, printed materials and digital magazines to books and whitepapers to e-books, videos, infographics or email newsletters and more, our experienced team of native English speaker professionals has the capacity to do all  this for your entity and so much more.

We know where content can be used to make the biggest difference to your brand so that your investment reaps rewards.

Areas in which we can support your objectives.

  • Publications such as magazines, whitepapers, reports etc
  • Brochures, leaflets, flyers and so on
  • Website copy and design
  • Social media management  including strategy, content creation, community management, creative campaigns  etc
  • Photography and videography
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Compelling communication needs a dynamic strategy for it to successfully reach and engage with your intended audience.  The first step in this approach is understanding your target audience.

Equally important is the writing, such as using the right words and tonality, key and targeted messaging and branding.

Our communication experts and strategic thinkers at Phoenix Media & Publications are ready to support you and your business with a turnkey communication strategy from start to finish, including implementation and results that can be measured.

  • Strategic thinkers
  • Creating the right messaging for your audiences
  • Strategy development for all communications through multi-media
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Creative & Design

Through the creation of our very own product – Yalla magazines, we have a proven track record in design and our team of in-house designers are able to take your ideas and turn them into something special to engage with your target audience.

We create design that has an impact and everything we do is about delivering the best result for you and your brand, through thoughtful, imaginative and dynamic design. We really care about the work we do, and want to work with you to make your brand the best it can be.

Our independent approach means you get brand identity and design collateral that’s fresh, forward-thinking and perfect for your target audience.

We work with new and existing brands to deliver branding, design and digital design and marketing. From a new logo or a website refresh, to essential branded content like brochures, presentations and social media posts.

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Powerful, simple creativity fuels ideas that turn simple brand truths into powerful creative platforms, ones that effortlessly connect with people and drive response.

Advertising campaigns should be impactful, insight-led, relevant to the target audience and motivational.  Most of all, it must generate a response.

The team at Phoenix Media & Publications are the thinking that combines insight and ingenuity to unlock the reasons why a brand should be loved by its customers, creating a powerful, simple creative strategy that everyone can understand and action across the business and execute across it.

  • Idea creation & conceptualisation
  • Execution
  • Campaign management
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If you are looking for results driven communication to help your business and/or brand grow, then contact us to find out how we can work together.